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Lead Roofing Repairing, replacing and installation — SP Contracts

SP Contracts are one of Scotland’s most trusted and respected roofing contractors, we offer a wide range of quality and professional roofing works, this includes decorative lead designs and application, as well as lead replacement work and lead repairing.

Domestic Roofing Glasgow

Our technicians have many years of roofing experience, each qualified with the highest level of roofing standards available. All roofers will tell you, that If you apply any sort of lead work properly, it will last over 100 years. SP Contracts cover all specialist lead works including bossing and lead-burning.

Our specialist quality services we offer;

  1. Full & Comprehensive Site Survey
  2. Full Preparation works
  3. Installation of lead sheet roofing & lead flashings
  4. Lead Work Repairs & Maintenance

We have carried out a vast amount of lead working on listed buildings and stately homes throughout the years. Unfortunately, most of the projects are left subject to lead theft thus giving us a large proportion of lead repairs.

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What we do at SP Contracts

Domestic Roofing

At SP Contracts, we specialise is both, domestic and commercial roofing, we are extreamly proficient in both areas, and our team of technicians are very experienced when taking on common and bespoke projects.

A simple roof tile replacement on a customers home, or a complete commercial roofing overhaul, no matter the size and budget of your project, we apply the same level of enthusiasm, care, professionalism and honesty, to each case.

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Any sort of damage to a commercial property can incur serious implication to the daily running of any size business. The most common type of roof damage in a commercial property can cause a small leak, but that can have large implications, in more serious cases it can shut your business down, due to the health and safety risks to your workforce.

Our team at SP Contracts can help to eliminate the problem on your commercial property, promptly and professionally, to ensure and roof related issues do on affect your workplace or employees.

SP Contracts provide a 24 hour emergency response service throughout the central belt. If you find you home, soaking in water, that is pouring from your homes roof, or commercial properties roof, then we are only a phone call away, our experienced technicians will discuss the situation and advise a quick solution, our emergency service number is:0141 280 3223.

For more information on the level of service and services we provide, or to simply seek some advice from the professional roofers Glasgow, please do not hesitate to call us on:0141 280 3223 or contact us via our contact form.

Our high-level service experience enable us to enhance our expert roofing service further. We have access to the most modern and state of the art access boom’s that allow us to carry out or projects that require a little more access on a domestic or property repairs.

This type of equipment also provides a great, safe and easy method in accessing properties where the ground space is tight or unaccessible for other machines. Our access booms can provide a great alternative to scaffolding, and prove to be a cost effective way of completing projects quickly and safely.

You may not think it, but guttering plays an important role to your building overall. If your guttering was to become damaged or blocked it can lead to serious issues, if not amended quickly.
In most cases, forgetting to check a gutter and cause more serious problems to your property, if left to late, a simple solution can become a disaster problem.
SP Contracts offer effective guttering solutions, including gutter clearance, gutter repairs and gutter maintenance. Our technicians are skilled in providing a quick guttering solution at a competitive price and minimal disruption.

We offer a complete range of Flat Roofing Services, wither it be a domestic garage roof, or a commercial warehouse, we can offer an effective asphalt assembly, to more complex single ply membranes that offer an advanced level of weather resistance.SP Contracts’s roof technicians are highly skilled and ‘well versed’ in deals with flat roofs, we offer bespoke package solutions to ensure the correct solution is completed.

SP Contracts technicians’s are highly skilled in working with lead roofing projects, when done properly, lead work can last up-to 100 years. With a combined 28 years experience, our roofing team are able to develop, creative and decorative designs and apply impressively. Our team are also able to carry out an lead related repairs and replacement work when required.